What is Self Esteem – Only the Key to Your Success

What is Self Esteem?

“In Life, people don’t get what they want. They get what they believe they deserve.”

Self esteem is how you see yourself. It’s the think that determines what you believe you deserve.

That’s why it’s so important.  

It’s why you hold the key to making all your dreams come true.

What is Self Esteem

Be it low or high, self esteem is what influences your choices and decisions and in the end, your behavior.

Healthy self esteem is without a doubt an integral key to lasting success, however you measure that success. It directly effects your confidence and self-image levels.

Low Self Esteem is Harmful

Low self esteem causes you to

  • place little or no value on yourself.
  • take little or no pride in yourself
  • have little or no self confidence.
    Without confidence in what you are able to achieve, what chance do you have for happiness or success?
  • have a poor image of yourself. T
  • find it harder to socialize.
  • setting SMART  goals is more difficult
    How can your goals be achievable if you don’t have the self confidence to reach them!
  • not be resilient and therefore you find it more difficult to overcome adversity,
  • regard yourself as unworthy, therefore allowing important issues to slide undone.

It will not allow you to believe that you deserve to reach your goals, and if you don’t believe in your goals then you will never be motivated to reach them.

Low self esteem keeps you stuck, frustrated and unhappy.

It drags you down and holds you down. It’s like “driving through life with your hand brake on.”


The Benefits of Believing in Yourself

People who enjoy high self esteem are motivated to take care of themselves while exploring and realising their full potential. They like and respect themselves and strive towards fulfilling their personal aspirations and goals.

What is Self Esteem - Be Proud

In reality, nothing good in life ever simply drops into your lap – you must decide for yourself what it is you want from life and then “go get it!”

Once you know that you are empowered to “flip the switch” and better yourself, you’ll refuse to settle for less than you should.

To shift from low to high self esteem you must know without a doubt that you really do deserve the best

You must decide that you will not settle for anything less than the best version of you. 
The power lies within you.

Once you really understand that, you can begin making decisions that enhance the value of your life rather than tearing it down.

Stop comparing yourself to others. No two lives are identical and doing this only brings you down. Improve and adjust your self-image and rest on your own laurels. Appreciate you…for all that you are.

Train your mind to only believe positive things about yourself and watch as other areas of your life such as “positive thinking” get a boost too.

Bottom line is this: Your potential to achieve in life is directly related to how you feel about yourself .

Until you value yourself, you will never value and respect others. Place high value on yourself and your unique contribution to the world and watch as the world values you back.

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