My Progress So Far – Week 3 completed

My progress so far

So now we’re in to week 3 of the Partnership to Success Training, and I have made some great progress.

I’ve pretty much completed week 3 already, but better, my request for fast track has been approved, and I have week 4 waiting for me.

So what have I learned this week?

Well I’ve learned a few very useful things actually.

I’ve learned how easy it is to:

      • create a list and an opt in form on an autoresponder.
      • add an opt in form to my blog.
      • create an autoresponder sequence so I can send automated e-mail to any subscribers I’m lucky enough to get
      • import an existing blog into wordpress (from Blogger).

Not everything is positive.

I’ve also learned that following multiple training at the same time can be a little confusing.
Last week, after I’d finished the weekly Partnership to Success training, I started on the Bloggers Roadmap training.

These 2 sets of training videos are complimentary in principle, but apply those principles a little differently.

I think to follow one after the other will work really well, and to run them in parallel can also work as long as you know which one leads, and you don’t let the other one get ahead.

A really simple example relates to the recommended Wordpress theme.
Partnership to Success uses an OptimizePress theme, and as that’s the programme I’m following, that’s the theme I will use.
I know from experience that doing something different from the training leads to complications later.
Bloggers Roadmap uses a theme from Elegant themes.

I don’t think one theme is necessarily better than the other (although I’m not really qualified to judge yet), but they are very different.
By installing the elegant theme first, I had some rework to do later. 

Sometimes progress is two steps forward, one step back

Twin Passions

I have 2 passions that I will blog about as we move forward.

This blog is about my progress on my journey to success by following the Partnership  to Success programme.
This particular success will be achieved by helping others to do what I am doing – become successful by creating and marketing digital information products.

I passionately believe that with the right support and guidance anyone can achieve success.

I also passionately believe that most people do not believe that they have what it takes to be successful.
My other passion is, therefore, to help people to build and most importantly sustain a belief in themselves.
A belief that they really do have what it takes.

And I believe that:

    • the mindset for success is fundamentally the same however that success is measured
    • the tools and techniques for maintaining that mindset are always the same
    • ‘Willpower’ is something that can be learned.
      You just need to have a reason that is powerful enough!

Of course, the single most common reason people fail is their mindset, so there will be some overlap and cross referencing between these blogs as we progress.

But in principle, this one is much more about the practicalities of achieving success.

My sister blog, Personal Success for you, focusses much more on the mindset.

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