The single most important thing for your online success

How to increase website traffic and why it’s so important

how to increase web traffic

Learning how to increase website traffic is critical to your online success.

But first, a confession.

Traffic – a stream of people interested in your  product – is actually the single most important thing to ANY business, online or otherwise.

It’s not all about having the best product, providing the best service or being the most innovative

They will all help enormously, but you can be really successful without any of them.

The secret to your success is much more straightforward, much simpler, and therefore, much easier to do. You just have to know what it is and how to do it!

So what is the secret? Well, really, it’s very easy…

If you want a successful online business, you MUST know how to increase website traffic?

how to increase website traffic

You don’t need to have the best product or service or to be new and different.

Think for a moment if you will about the hot dog seller outside the sports arena, or the burger van at the music festival.

Are they better than the gourmet restaurant just along the street?

No of course they’re not.

And they’re probably not much (if any) less expensive.

But while the events are taking place, they are likely to make more money.

So why do they make so much money in so short a time?

Well hopefully, the answer is fairly obvious.

It’s simply because they are providing a crowd of people with what they want (hot food) when they want it (NOW).

And that’s what you need to do.

Feed the hungry crowd

how to increase website trafficYou need to find a crowd of hungry people, and feed them what they want.

And remember, you need to give them what they want.

DON’T fall into the trap of trying to sell ice cream to the guys in the burger queue.

And of course, it isn’t always about food! 🙂

Just remember these simple things when you’re starting out:

  • You don’t need to create your own product.
    Once you become established, it’s a great way to maximise your profits, but you don’t need it to start
  • You don’t need your own sales funnel
    On day one, you can simply use someone else’s. There are lots to choose from!
  • You don’t need to master the art of writing e-mails.
    This will be really helpful as you become established, but it’s not necessary when you start out

5 Simple Steps To Get Started

All you need to do when you’re starting out is to follow these 5 simple steps

  1. Create an account on Clickbank and  on JVZoo.
    They’re completely FREE and will give you access to a whole range of products you can sell for commission.
  2. Decide on a niche, and search for the best selling products in that niche.
    Some evergreen niches that ALWAYS have hordes of hungry buyers are:

    1. Making money online
    2. Health and Wellbeing (including losing weight)
    3. Personal Development
    4. Stock and Shares or Foreign Exchange trading
    5. Gambling
  3. Select a product to promote.
    Look for one with affiliate tools (including some email swipes) and a sales funnel.
    Try to choose a product that is likely to remain as a top seller for some time
  4. Get yourself approved as a seller.
    This is only necessary on JVZoo and it can be difficult because sellers generally want to see a track record, and if you don’t have one, they will not always let you promote thir product. Clickbank, for example, does not shar ethis feature!
  5. Copy the email swipes into your autoresponder, and customise them a little.
    Customising the emails is to be sure that you don’t say anything you’re uncomfortable with, and that your emails are not identical to everyone else’s

Now you’re ready to go, and it’s time to learn about the one special thing.

How to increase website traffic

You need people to look at your offer. If the don’t see it, they you can be certain that they won’t buy it.

So how to increase website traffic?

Well the best thing  to do is to find someone who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt and then to learn from them..

And that’s where this product comes in.

Traffic Hacks

PS. I’m promoting this produce because it helped me a lot, and I believe that it can help you too.

I could choose to promote any number of less expensive products, and while it’s not always true that you get what you pay for, it certainly is true that you have to invest in your own success.

Traffic Hacks


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One thought on “The single most important thing for your online success

  1. David Wakeman

    February 25, 2018 at 7:02pm

    Hello Carl,

    It’s so true that you need traffic to your website. Your 5 step plan is good, but I think that is a bit more that needs to be considered.

    If you are going to understand the product you are promoting it may be a good idea to purchase a copy or get a review copy so you can get more details. This will make it easier to write emails that will help you sell the product.

    Thanks for the article. Many good points.


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    • Author


      March 3, 2018 at 11:54am

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article.
      I agree that there is more to be considered, and I do think that you should only promote products that you trust and have used yourself, so it’s always a good idea to get a copy of the product you are promoting.
      However, I am a firm believer in keeping it simple, so I would always advocate starting simple and adding complexity as it’s required (and perhaps more importantly, taking it away again if it doesn’t work!)
      I’ve seen so many people fail because they strived for perfection and gave up when they realised that perfect probably doesn’t exist.

      Thanks again


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