Do I really need a mentor?

I’ve been (and am) reasonably successful in Corporate life, working as a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Programme Manager in the UK Financial Services industry.

However, for several years now, I’ve thought there must be a better away – a way that doesn’t involve a long commute to and from work, a stressful time when you arrive, long hard hours (and yes, I know that lots of people who don’t work in air conditioned modern offices will say that I don’t know what hard work is!)
Actually, I’ve know this ‘other way’ exists, but I haven’t been able to work out how to get it!

Like many people who dream of ‘another way’, I’ve had a problem that just won’t go away.
That problem is real life.
We all know that it’s very easy to let life get in the way, and I’ve used most of the excuses in the book. Too tired, not enough hours in the day, can’t get the pressures of the daily grind out of my head, it’s all too technical for me. You name it, and I’ve used it.

I’ve bought loads of products to help me (and spent way too much money in the process)

So today, April 10 2017, I’ve finally decided to do something about it.

I’ve decided to get myself a mentor.

I’ve enrolled in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program, and I will spend the next weeks, months and years applying the lessons I learn to create my own sustainable long term online business.

My dream is to become successful by helping others to achieve success.

I truly believe that we can all be whatever we want to be


Enter your details in the form to the right to join me on my journey.

You’ll also get a very special free gift to prepare yourself for your own success.


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