I’m Getting Better Every Day

Better Every Day

I know that’s true, because every day I learn something useful and relevant to my success.

And every time I apply what I learn to what I do, I do it a little better.

If you’ve been following my journey to success, then you will know that is have enrolled in the  Partnership to Success programme.

At the moment, that means that I’m learning new things every day at a very rapid rate.

I know that some of the things I’m learning, I could probably change for the better.
I could probably be more efficient and more productive.
But I would be changing things that I don’t fully understand, and that would be a very high risk approach.
If you change things you don’t really understand, you could be changing for the worse, not the better, and you may never know!

So for now, I’m not even thinking about small improvements.
My focus is on learning more and more new things, and following the programme.

At the moment, I’m choosing to define my ‘Better Every Day’ in terms of ‘Today I can do stuff I couldn’t do yesterday’.

I know that will change as I learn more, but it’s more than good enough for now.

How do I know it’s REALLY better?

If I’m completely honest at the moment, I don’t.

To an extent, I’m taking it on trust.

I’m trusting that John Thornhill (who provides the Partnership to Success programme) is using his knowledge, skills and experience to provide me with training and guidance that is high quality and relevant to my goal of being a successful online marketer.

I know that the training provided has, so far, been easy to follow. I trust that will continue.

Trust is Earned

However, it’s not all about trust. I also have some ideas about what I need to do to achieve my success. I don’t necessarily know how to do them, but I do have an idea what they are.
The training so far is consistent with what I think, in that it’s teaching me how to do things that I think I need to know.
If and when that changes, then I will question it, but for now, there is no need.

For now I will just persevere with the training

So for now, I know I’m getting better every day, because every day I learn how to do something that new.
Something that is relevant to my success.

Better Every Day


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