Work Productivity : 11 Secrets for a Successful Entrepreneur

Work Productivity

Work Productivity for an Entrepreneur can be more challenging than for others. No one sets the priorities. No one is telling you what to do and when, or even when you’ve done enough.  Like everyone else, most of our days are full of tasks, chores and responsibilities. Some are connected to our work some are…

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Success Habits

success habits

If you are to succeed at anything in life, then you will need to develop success habits. The things you do each day will eventually become habit. So it’s important that you do the things that will become your Success Habits every day! But there’s a problem. Good habits are hard to form but really…

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Setting Goals – Don’t forget the ‘A’ in SMART

Setting goals requires some thought, but it’s worth getting right Can setting goals really help you? Well, I was recently asked by someone who suffers with chronic pain how they could motivate themselves to get up from in front of the TV or computer. This person has a number of hobbies that they enjoy, but can only…

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Discover the key to improving your productivity.

How do you measure your productivity? There is a rule here, that applies to everything you try to change and not just your productivity. That rule simply states: If you want to know how effective a change has been, then you need to compare before and after measurements I know that sounds really obvious, but…

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