Email Campaign – Best 7 Amazing Ideas For Your Business

Your Email Campaign is Critical To Your Success

Email Campaign - Overview

You’re just starting out and your email campaign list is small. Maybe it only has 500 or 1,000 people. Maybe even less.

Obviously, it’s true you would gladly trade your small list for one that’s 100 times bigger, but these tips do not discuss growing your list. There are lots of other places to read about that.

This is about treating your list right. It’s about effective email campaigns, and how, with a little effort, you can make really good money from a small list

But how does it actually work?

The key to a using your campaign list in a successful email campaign is to get personal.

Here are our 7 best email campaign list business ideas.

Business Idea 1 – Remember you’re playing the long game.

Your e-mail campaign is intended to build a relationship, so email your campaign list daily.
It really does matter that you stay in regular contact and provide updates on the latest news and views as well as key content. Give them useful, relevant information, and build your reputation as someone who can help them, whose e-mails are worth reading and someone they can trust.
Share personal information from time to time (but only to the extent that you are comfortable!)

Business Idea 2 – Use people’s names


Make sure that all email in your email campaign start with something personal, such as, “Hi (name) – I wanted to contact you personally because I think you might be a good fit for my coaching program.”

Business Idea 3 – Exclusivity

Let the people on your email campaign list know that they are part of a very small, intimate, private community.
Tell them, because if you don’t they will assume you’ve got a gazillion people on your list and that you don’t really care about any of them. about any of them.

Business Idea 4 – Show you care

Care about them, their success. If you focus your email campaign on providing benefit, showing that you really, truly care, that you’re not just another marketer and they matter to you. Let these people know how important they are and that you want to help them succeed in a big way.

Business Idea 5 – Be responsive

Always answer emails you receive from your email campaign list.
If someone bothers to read your latest email and then takes the time to write to you – make sure you answer them.
It’s not going to be all that time consuming, and in reality, if you have around 1,000 people on your email campaign list, the odds are that less than 1% (or less than 10) will ever write to you at a time.
In truth, if you get more responses than that, you have a great list and even if it takes a bit of time, it’s very likely to pay dividends.
Keep your replies personal. The readers want to feel like individuals. Like they matter to you!
But don’t be afraid to use your response elsewhere in your email campaign. Something like: Here’s a really interesting comment I received from one of my subscribers the other day….

Business Idea 6 – Engage in other ways

Hold open Q and A sessions over webinars, Skype or your favorite platform.
Don’t charge anything and let your subscribers know it is only for your email campaign list.
Remember, you’re creating the feeling that they belong to a small, exclusive, private group.

Business Idea 7 – Ask for help

Never be afraid to ask your email campaign list for their help or opinion on something, but do be sure, if you do this, that you answer every response.


If you do these things you will keep your list engaged and interacting with you.

And when you send out an offer for just 10 people to get personalized coaching at $500 a month, what do you think will happen?

Odds are you’ll fill those slots in less than a day with no additional effort at all. You might even have a waiting list of people who didn’t make the first ten slots.

What happens when someone emails their list of 100,000 with the exact same offer? Surprisingly, there’s a good chance they’ll have trouble selling those ten slots, even though their list is 100 times bigger.

You can make great money with a small list when you take the time to get personal with your subscribers.

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