If mindset the biggest single reason that businesses fail, then …

Businesses fail for a whole lot of reasons

Mindset is one of many reasons why businesses fail.
At least, at first sight it is.

But actually, many of the other reasons why businesses (and in particular, internet businesses) fail can be traced back to mindset.

But this blog isn’t about the reasons businesses fail.

It’s about how you and I can ensure we have the right mindset to succeed and how we can prosper together.

As you know if you’ve read my previous blogs, I’m following john Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program.

I’ve reached the stage in that program where I need to thing about creating a product that meets a genuine business need.

I believe that my future success will come from internet marketing, and that I therefore need a product I can create and sell online.

My passion is to help people succeed. However, I want to help everyone. Not just people who want to be successful internet marketers.

I have, therefore decided that I will create a product that will help people have the mindset for success.

I have no idea what I’ll call it yet, but that’s my direction of travel.

So what are the key attributes of a mindset for success?

well I believe that in order to be successful, one must:


You must have a dream and you must believe in your ability to make that dream come true


planning, mindsetYou must define your goals and plan your journey to success.

As the old saying goes, ‘Fail to plan and you plan to fail’.







There will inevitably be days when you are less motivated. But to succeed, you have to find a way  to push on.
You have to find your motivation from somewhere.


mindset, commitment

You have to be totally committed to achieving your dream. If it’s not the most important thing in your life, then you will not be fully committed to achieving that dream.







mindset, motivation, perseverance

If you dream big, then you will not achieve your dream overnight.
You will have to persevere.
Keep going, come what may.





I’d love you to connect and join me on my journey as I discover and share information on these and other related topics.

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Until next time.



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