What is Self Esteem – Only the Key to Your Success

What is Self Esteem - Be Proud

What is Self Esteem? “In Life, people don’t get what they want. They get what they believe they deserve.” Self esteem is how you see yourself. It’s the think that determines what you believe you deserve. That’s why it’s so important.   It’s why you hold the key to making all your dreams come true. Be…

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Success Habits

success habits

If you are to succeed at anything in life, then you will need to develop success habits. The things you do each day will eventually become habit. So it’s important that you do the things that will become your Success Habits every day! But there’s a problem. Good habits are hard to form but really…

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Secret of Success

The greatest secret of success is that although it can be hard to do, it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE. There are just 3 things you need for you to unlock the secret of success Mindset – The 1st Secret to Success The passion, commitment and perseverance to carry on when things get tough. A Plan – The…

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How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve STress

How to Relieve Stress -1: Clear your mind We live a world full of stress, and sometimes, its hard to know how to relieve stress in our lives As with most things, what works for some may not work for all, but I want to share with you something that always works for me. Today…

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How Can I Increase Visitors To My Blog?

Here’s my answer to this very question, as posted on Quora. Hope you find it helpful. Read Carl Melton‘s answer to How can I increase visitors on my blog site jisanthedesigner.blogspot.com? on Quora  

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The single most important thing for your online success

How to increase website traffic and why it’s so important Learning how to increase website traffic is critical to your online success. But first, a confession. Traffic – a stream of people interested in your  product – is actually the single most important thing to ANY business, online or otherwise. It’s not all about having…

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Blog Websites and Why You MUST Have One

What Can A Blog Website Do For Me? Blog websites are the most important site you will ever create bar none. It helps your readers to connect with you, and find out what you’re really about. If it’s done right, it can generate traffic If it’s monetised, then you can use that traffic to build your…

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Does Commission Black Ops from Michael Cheney Really Work?

Commission Black Ops It seems like you can’t go anywhere online right now without hearing something about Michael Cheney’s “Commission Black Ops”. The hype is phenomenal. It’s clearly ‘flavour of the month’ with a whole lot of internet marketers. And it  seems like everyone want’s to promote it and make a quick buck. But… What’s it…

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You’ll Never Think of Headlines in The Same Way Once You Know What They Do To You

Why do Headlines Matter? Headlines are the key to getting your content read! With so much information available on the internet and beyond that you need to find a way to make yours stand out. Having Great content is critical to your success, but no matter how great it is, you need a way to…

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If mindset the biggest single reason that businesses fail, then …

Businesses fail for a whole lot of reasons Mindset is one of many reasons why businesses fail. At least, at first sight it is. But actually, many of the other reasons why businesses (and in particular, internet businesses) fail can be traced back to mindset. But this blog isn’t about the reasons businesses fail. It’s…

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