Does Commission Black Ops from Michael Cheney Really Work?

Commission Black Ops

It seems like you can’t go anywhere online right now without hearing something about Michael Cheney’s “Commission Black Ops”.Commission Black Ops

The hype is phenomenal.

It’s clearly ‘flavour of the month’ with a whole lot of internet marketers.

And it  seems like everyone want’s to promote it and make a quick buck.


  • What’s it really like?
  • Is it really any good?
  • Should you invest good money in it?

Well keep reading and you’ll find out…

What’s Commission Black Ops Really Like?

Cheney’s sytle is upfront.

He call’s a spade a spade and his saleslettweers and his marketing materials are very upfront.

This doesn’t sit comfortably with everyone.

In fact, I started out finding it a bit challenging, but the bottom line is that it works!

And if you want to make commissions online, why wouldn’t you learn from one of the masters who is actually doing this every day?

Make no mistake, you will not be learning from someone who has had a little success in the last few months.

You’ll be learning from Michael Cheney. 

You probably already know this, but just in case, this is a guy who has been making money online since the year 2000.

And he’s significantly more successful than most, and most importantly, he has sustained that success over a prolonged period!

If you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what you’ll want!

He will show you what he actually does!

Join his mailing list and you will quickly see that what he says about email marketing is what he does himself.

Is Commission Black Ops really any good?

When you’ve bought the product for yourself, the first thing you will notice is just how professional the members area is.

Everything is laid out well. 

You won’t get lost navigating the site

Everything is easy to find.

You can dive right into the Commission Black Ops “Field Manual”.

You’ll quickly understand and clearly see that everything he does and the way that he does it is for a reason.

He breaks thins down step by step so you can just copy and start putting it into practice in your own business straight away.

I really like this approach.

Of course – if you’ve an old hand at affiliate marketing some of this won’t be new.  You may already know 1 – 2% of this info.

But the content is pure gold.

I took lots of notes and have started implementing his strategy already.

Commission Black Ops

Should you invest good money in Commission Black Ops?

Cheney  takes the  time to show you how much money he’s made with this strategy.

That’s pretty cool, but let’s be realistic, you’re not going to start making that much straight away.

But making just 10% of what he does would make a massive difference to most of us.

He proves that this stuff works.

But he has a hidden agenda.

Michael Cheney want’s to build an army of “affiliate special operatives” using this strategy,

And he want to do that so that when he launches new products in the future, he’ll have his ready made army to market it for him.

Of course, he’ll pay them generous commission, but he’ll also shift lots more units, and therefore make lots more money himself.

It’s a great strategy.

He makes money.

You  make money.

No one loses.

And because of that, he’s set the price really low.

Low enough that it won’t be a barrier to anyone, but just enough to put off the tire kickers and time wasters.

And for the small fee he’s asking for this I’d recommend it to anyone doing affiliate marketing or anyone considering doing affiliate marketing.

If you go through the product, do as he does and work consistently, then there really is no reason why you can’t become a top-earning affiliate too.

Personally, I’d recommend “Commission Black Ops” to anyone who:

  • Is considering affiliate marketing for the first time
  • Has tried and failed at affiliate marketing in the past
  • Wants to make more commissions from their affiliate marketing

So t give Commission Black Ops a massive thumbs up.

I give it 9/10 rating (because I NEVER give anything 10 out of 10).

I recommend you get it right now like I did and start making money with this thing;

It’s worth every penny, and if you put in the effort, it really could be one of the best investments you ever make.

Commission Black Ops


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