If you’ve read my profile, you will know that I come from a Project Management background.

That means that I sometimes get a bit obsessive about the need for a plan.

I understand that not everyone is as bothered by this as I am, but I also think that planning is critical to our success.

So with that in mind, I’ve put together a spreadsheet that can be used easily to plan P2S.

To an extent, it replicates the checklists that John provides, but the additional benefit is that you can see at a glance when things will happen.

I’ve made this available as:

a Microsoft Excel 2016 (.xlsx) file,

an Excel 97/2003 (xls) file

an Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods) file

If you ewant to download any or all of these, please do.

If you would like me to save in a different format for you, then just ask.

The basic principle here is that you enter week 1 start date and all the other dates should re-calculate.

You get both a list of tasks and dates and a graphical representation.

If you mark a task as ‘complete’ or ‘closed’ then the bar will automatically turn green.

I use ‘Closed’ for weeks and ‘Completed for individual tasks.

This means that I can filter the file and see which weeks I have closed. For me that’s a great way of seeing how far I have come.

As with all tools, I guess some people will love this and others will hate it.

That’s fine. 

It’s just what I use, just in case it’s helpful.

If there is demand, and people are unfamiliar with spreadsheets, then let me know and I’ll do a quick training video.

I have an entirely selfish reason for doing a video which means that I might do it anyway!
It means that I can learn how to do it without going totally public 🙂

Let me know what you think.